Upcoming Events!

Join us the 3rd Friday of every month!
We gather on the third Friday of every month at 7:00PM. Join us at the beautiful Yogatiques in Hopkins! The cost of each class will be $15. We happily take cash or checks. Like always we will have time after yoga for visiting!


Julie & Breanne

The two of us met at a young widows support group . It was both our first times at the group. One by one we went around the room saying our name, our spouse’s name, when they had died and how they had died. We were stunned at how similar our stories were. Two women in their early 30’s, with infant children who both lost their husbands to cancer within the same month.

We both truly believe that David and Jeff brought us together. We have cried together and encouraged each other to keep going through some of our most difficult moments. We have also shared laughs and have been able to commiserate in ways only widows can. 

It is our hope that through Embrace the Journey, we can continue to build a community of widows that can support one another.

We honor our husbands by choosing to embrace the journey.